White Reindeer on Wooden Surface


Unique handicraft classes at LAURI Historical Manor

We would love to teach you to create your own handicrafts

Sámi bracelet with silver and tin thread

Small souvenirs from wood and antler

Children-friendly family programme

In a two-hour individual program, we will make step-by-step a beautiful traditional Sámi handicraft on reindeer leather and silver/tin thread.

With the help of our most experienced handicraft expert you will create small souvenirs made of wood or antler.

This is a one-hour program for the whole family with children from 5 years of age. We will make some beautiful handicrafts from prepared wood and antler pieces.


Aurora tour with photo opportunity

Visiting a Reindeer Herder Family

Ski Trekking

Enjoy winter and the incredible arctic nature with us!

This is a 3-4 hours program for the whole family. Personal atmosphere, group size between 2 and 8 people. Opportunity to take photos of you with Northern lights, which you can download later.

Visit a real reindeer herder farm and participate in their daily work, reindeer feeding with snowmobile. No tourist show. Suitable for families with children

This is a 3,5 hours program for the whole family for any level. With your skin-based skis, you will be able to reach untouched parts of the Arctic nature and forests and live a true adventure.

Memorise your trip with professional pictures and discover the flavors of Rovaniemi!

Photography tour in Rovaniemi

Join a photography tour to discover the most emblematic places of Rovaniemi. You will learn about the history of Rovaniemi and memorise this moment with 10-15 beautiful pictures.

Cooking class + delicious dinner

Once you step inside the kitchen, you will have everything you need to become a chef for this evening! You will have the chance to learn the secrets behind cooking traditional sautéed reindeer.

Eat like a local! - Dinner Experience

Discover the flavors of Rovaniemi and Lapland! This tour will not only be a culinary experience, but also your ticket to becoming a local even just for a few hours. Duration 3 hours

Canoe trip in Lapland

All Day Canoe Adventure

Cultural Canoe Trip

Discover Rovaniemi by canoe!

Discover the peaceful summer scenery of Lapland from a different perspective with this guided canoeing tour. Duration 3 hours. The activity level is adapted to your skills.

Challenge yourself and embark for an all-day canoe adventure. This canoeing safari will make you feel the harmony of Lapland nature from a completely different perspective! Duration 6 hours.

This sightseeing tour will lead you to the Rovaniemi Local History Museum, offering you to travel back in time and discover life in a local farmhouse a hundred years ago. Duration 3,5 hours.


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